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Dino Gnar ate your dressed-up Yordles fan art!

If you’ve already submitted your entry, please re-send it by Thursday, the 4th of September. Anybody else who’d like to send their creations but hasn’t gotten around to completing their entry can use these extra days to put the finishing touches on it. We’ll highlight them on Monday, the 8th of September.
1 day ago

Final Boss Veigar takes over League of Legends

This is Final Boss Veigar’s game. You just play in it.
2 days ago

China Regional Qualifier Survival Guide

Last year, China was the second-best region in the world. Will 2014 be their time to shine, and if so, who will their stars be?
2 days ago

Champion and skin sale: 29.08. - 01.09.

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:
2 days ago

Insomnia52 wrap-up

We’re back from Insomnia52! The Ricoh Arena in Coventry played host to esports, cosplayers, and Siv HD wrecking a team of Challenger players.
2 days ago

Watch the gamescom 2014 highlights video

Gamescom 2014 reminded us how lucky we are to be part of such an inspiring, creative community. You guys came out in full force, and it was a pleasure to spend five days celebrating our shared passion for this game with all of you. We put together a highlights video to help you relive the excitement!
3 days ago

OGN Regional Qualifier Survival Guide

For the last year and a half, Korea has shown complete dominance on the world stage. They’re looking for two Worlds victories in a row, but how are they going to get the repeat?
4 days ago

Patch 4.15 notes

The patcher and landing page get a new look, Master Tier is introduced to the leagues system, and a number of gameplay fixes and clarity changes in Patch 4.15!
4 days ago