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It’s time for August bundles!

August bundles are here for a limited time.
2 hours ago

Champion Update: Yorick, the Shepherd of Lost Souls

Yorick has always been a practical man. He knew he'd need strength to destroy the Black Mists that corrupted the Blessed Isles, even if it meant fighting evil with evil.
2 hours ago

Patch 6.17 notes

Worlds tuning, part one. Read on for details on who’s being reined in and who’s being pushed up!
3 hours ago

LCS Summer Finals Bundles

Celebrate the pinnacle event of the LCS by unlocking our limited-time bundles featuring the champions with the highest pick/ban rates from NA and EU LCS Summer Split.
1 day ago

New free champion rotation: Braum, Thresh, Zyra and more!

Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
1 day ago

Champion and skin sale: 23.08 - 26.08

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:
1 day ago

August Early Sales: 19.08 - 22.08

Program, Elderwood, and Beast Hunter are some of the skins on the August Early Sale list!
4 days ago