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Ask Riot: Gaining Honor and Elo

The return of Invasion, restoring lost Honor, and how to stop being hard stuck in ranked.
4 days ago

Ask Riot: Pre-Season Edition

In which we answer your questions about Runes, IP, Blue Essence, and more.
1 week ago

Ask Riot: Honor Capsules Pls

An update on honor capsules, eating poros, and Ornn’s low winrate on launch.
1 month ago

Ask Riot: Increasing the Clubs cap

What’s up with Clubs, what’s new with the new client, and how we chose Pentakill’s newest member.
1 month ago

Ask Riot: Pro patches and Riven balance

Evaluating Riven, exploring Runeterra’s languages, and talking pro League.
1 month ago

Join the Ornn Q&A on Reddit!

Join us on Reddit for a Q&A about the Fire Below the Mountain.
1 month ago

Ask Riot: Hextech limits and the screaming void

Explaining the cap on Hextech chests, sorting out Kayle’s alter-ego, and understanding champion recalls.
2 months ago

PBE Livestream: Invasion!

The newest rotating game mode, Invasion, heads to Twitch. Join designer Riot Defaultchar and artist Sharkcromancer as they answer your questions and discuss developing the game mode.
2 months ago

Ask Riot: Missions and tacos

Missions, duo champs, and the best tacos in Runeterra.
2 months ago

PBE Livestream: Ornn, today at 01:00 AM

Reav3 answers your questions and discusses developing Ornn.
2 months ago