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MSI 2017 Schedule

Don’t miss any of the regional clashes at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational from Brazil.
1 day ago

Backchat Podcast: Episode 4 feat. Febiven & Jankos

H2K's Jankos and Febiven describe the qualities of the perfect chicken nugget- and more, in EP 4.
4 days ago

Post-Game Lobby: EULCS Week 8

Sjokz, Deficio, Roccat's Phaxi, and Splyce's Wunder wrap up Top Lane Week and look ahead to Week 9 of the European LCS.
4 days ago

Think Like a Top Laner

Are your mechanics good, but decision making bad? Take this crash course in how the pros think.
1 week ago

How to Improve at Top Lane

Europe’s top lane titans divulge their secrets on how to improve and climb the ranked ladder. Five of EU LCS’s best top laners spoke to caster and analyst Vedius to cover how to use teleport, when to pick a carry or tank champions, when to split push and trade, and finally, how to climb the ranked ladder.
1 week ago

Drive: Hans Sama

Take an inside look at what drives Steven Liv.
1 week ago

Post-Game Lobby: EULCS Week 7

Stress, Krepo, and H2K's Pr0lly as look back at the final week of cross-group play and ahead to the Spring Playoffs.
1 week ago

Post-Game Lobby: EULCS Week 6

Join Drakos, Deficio, and the coaches of Misfits and Unicorns of Love as they discuss the Post-IEM meta and the elusive “perfect game”.
2 weeks ago

Player Spotlight: Fnatic Rekkles

Player Spotlight: Fnatic Rekkles
3 weeks ago

Backchat Podcast: Episode 1 feat. Mithy & Perkz

Welcome to the Backchat Podcast, where we sit down with pros to talk League, life, and everything in between!
1 month ago