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Teams charge for regional championships

As the end of the Spring Split nears, teams gear up for Playoffs push. Get all the details!
2 weeks ago

The Glorious Evolution: Viktors around the world

After years outside of the competitive scene, Viktor finds his place in the mid lane
3 weeks ago

Catch Imagine Dragons this week on PTL & the LCS!

"Warriors" artists Imagine Dragons will perform special acoustic versions of 2014 World Championship anthem and "Shots."
2 months ago

Worlds 2015 to be held in Europe

After sharing a memorable 2014 Championship with truly incredible esports fans in Taipei, Singapore and Korea, we’re looking forward to 2015’s final showdown more than ever. Today, on the eve of the season kickoff, we’re excited to announce that the 2015 World Championship will be coming to Europe this October.
2 months ago

2015 Pre-season Power Rankings

With the 2015 Season right around the corner, we count down the top 20 teams in the world right now.
3 months ago

Players to Watch in 2015

A new season brings new challengers and major changes to leagues across the globe. Join us as we explore 20 of the most compelling storylines to keep an eye on as professional League of Legends roars back onto the scene.
3 months ago

Congratulations to the 4 Nations winners!

Five months, hundreds of teams, thousands of players – a 4 Nations winner has been crowned!
4 months ago

The surprising esports culture of Korea

Korea is widely known as the esports capital of the world, but what does that mean for the fans who live there? As it turns out, the average Korean esports fan’s world isn’t what you’d expect.
6 months ago

Taiwan esports: How the “Silicon Island” fosters champions

Taiwan has produced many of the greatest esports champions, including the League of Legends Season 2 World Champions. We dig into what it is about Taiwanese culture that fosters the growth of some of its most dominant players.
7 months ago

LCS 2015: NA and EU Expansion Tournament Details

The Expansion Tournament will take place from November 15 to December 21, featuring 13 teams drawn from the Promotion Tournament, Challenger Series playoffs, and Ranked 5s ladder. The top two teams to emerge from the tournament in NA and EU will secure an LCS spot in their region.
7 months ago