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How to get your Summer Finals tickets!

We’re heading to Kraków for the EU Summer Finals and with a place at the 2016 World Championships in North America on the line, the battle for first place will be a fierce one. Teams will battle it out to be crowned the EU Summer champions as well as the last set of available championship points.
3 hours ago

2016 All-Star Event Heads to Barcelona

Hold onto your snowballs, because there will be mayhem. Celebrate 2016 with your favorite pros, champions and game modes when the 2016 League Of Legends All-Star Event comes to Barcelona, Spain.
5 days ago

Mid lane: by the numbers

As we begin to approach the midpoint of the season, and with it Mid Lane week, we’ve amassed a plentiful amount of data on all aspects of the EU LCS summer split. We’ve got your KDAs, your DPMs, your GPMs… and a whole lot more, which is where this article comes in. What are some of the most interesting stats that help make up our LCS data, particularly focused on our exceptional EU mids? Well, I’m glad you asked!
1 week ago

How to improve at mid lane

While each role in League of Legends has a nearly limitless skill ceiling, that’s most apparent in the mid lane. Being a mid laner means understanding that you have the ability to impact every lane. Some players may choose to look for stylish 1v1 duels and settle on crushing their lane opponent, while others may look to roam and support their team with smart use of lane pressure, collapsing on the opposition right when they least expect it. No matter how you prefer to play, it’s important to learn how to control the mid lane - and in turn, control the game.
1 week ago

Ask a Mid Laner

Ever wanted to pick the brain of a mid laner? The community sent in questions and we had some of the mids from the EU LCS give their answers. Using the hashtag #askamidlaner, the community sent in questions for the EU LCS mid laners. We spoke to Exileh, PowerOfEvil, Fox, Ryu and Betsy to get some answers.
1 week ago

Will Taliyah finally weave her way into LCS?

Taliyah is the newest champion to enter the Rift, and while her potential is obvious, there are aspects of her kit holding Taliyah back from being a competitive pick in the EU LCS. Andrew "Vedius" Day analyses Taliyah’s potential place in competitive League.
1 week ago

xPeke: Origen on the hunt for a new, young ADC to nurture

Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martínez seemed his usual happy self after taking a game off Vitality last Thursday, his team’s first Victory screen this split. Origen had just drawn with Vitality in its first match with xPeke playing as AD carry, following the exit of Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou after Origen’s 0-2 first week.
1 week ago

Post-Game Lobby - Week 2

Freeze joins the EU LCS crew to discuss G2's recent performance, EU vs NA scrim styles, and more.
1 week ago

H2K vs G2: Melting Point

We’re approaching the third week of the EU LCS summer split, and the hierarchy of team dominance has started to form. In last week’s Match of the Week, H2K looked unstoppable against a Fnatic team many would favour going into the clash. After a poor showing in week 1, H2K’s AD carry Aleš "Freeze" Kněžínek showed up in a big way in week 2, particularly versus Fnatic. Back on his signature Draven, Freeze’s performances on the Glorious Executioner were, well… glorious.
2 weeks ago

2016 Mid-Season Invitational By the Numbers

As we rocket into summer split and begin the countdown towards the 2016 World Championship, we’re looking back on our 2016 Mid-Season Invitational - and how many fans tuned into the springtime clash of champions.
2 weeks ago