Most Recent eSports Event News

IEM Gyeonggi live now

Watch the semifinals.
8 months ago

Frost & Flame | League of Legends Community Collab

Get hyped for All-Star 2016 with this epic rap battle!
8 months ago

Ragnarök Grand Finals are Live!

Ragnarök is a tournament for all of the Nordic countries. On the line is a EU Challenger Series Qualifier spot and a prize pool of €15.000.The grand finals are played live in DreamHack and will start at 12.15 CET.
9 months ago

Coke bringing Worlds to cinemas near you!

To help make the final showdown between the top two teams in LA’s Staples Center feel even larger than life, Coke will host viewing parties in cinemas all across Europe, delivering a visual feast to match the appetite of even the most devoted esports fan.
10 months ago

Worlds 2016: On-Air Team

Meet the on-air team that’ll be narrating and breaking down all the international clashes during the English language broadcast of the 2016 World Championship.
11 months ago

Worlds 2016: Groups Schedule

With the Group Draw done, our 2016 World Championship teams have been sorted into their groups for the Group Stage. Find out when your team will be playing live from San Francisco.
11 months ago

Worlds Pick’em Group Stage Is Now Live!

Join the quest for the “Perfect Bracket” and win new icons along the way. Head over to the Pick’em page and make your Group Stage picks now.
11 months ago

Worlds 2016: Guide to the 2016 Group Draw

A procedural guide to the Group Draw for the 2016 League of Legends World Championship.
11 months ago

Who will European teams face at Worlds?

Splyce joins G2 Esports and H2K at Worlds. Which teams could they face in San Francisco?
11 months ago

What is the 2016 World Championship?

The 2016 League of Legends World Championship features top teams battling for the championship title and the coveted Summoner’s Cup on September 29 - October 29.
11 months ago