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Normal Draft Returning to EUNE

Get all the details on our Boards post
2 weeks ago

/dev: State of Champion Update, January 2017

With Warwick live and the Assassin update in the rear-view, what’s next for League’s Champion Update team?
3 weeks ago

EXECUTED: The Terrible Truth About Jungle Monsters

Keep a careful eye on Gromp, Red Buff, and all their woodland friends. Deep down, these critters are cold-blooded killers. But exactly how many lives are destroyed by the jungle monsters? With the power of data, we can finally reveal the terrible answer.
3 weeks ago

Last chance to review your 2016 season!

Last chance to review your 2016 season! The 2016 Season in Review closes on February 6th 11:59PM.
3 weeks ago

Rioters Clash in Yasuo 1v1 Tournament

For a sweet, brief century, there was peace between Riot's many Yasuo mains. Now, with trumpets blazing, war is inevitable. Prepare yourselves for a LIVESTREAMED YASUO-ONLY 1V1 TOURNAMENT.
4 weeks ago

Join the Hunt of the Blood Moon

Riot DefaultChar drops by to talk about the Hunt of the Blood Moon!
1 month ago

/dev: State of the Game, January 2017

How do we feel about Season 7 so far? And what’s coming next?
1 month ago

Ascension is now live

Claim the incredible power of Ascension to conquer the Crystal Scar of Shurima, now until January 23, 2017.
1 month ago

/dev: On Champ Diversity

Where and how does Riot prioritize champion diversity?
2 months ago

Legend of the Poro King

Legend of the Poro King is live! Check out more details on the mode here, and then jump into your next game.
2 months ago