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Freljord event is extended

Finish your 10 wins and join a tribe before the next patch, summoners. Otherwise you'll get left out in the cold!
4 years ago

Speaking with the soul: the music of the Freljord

Join composer Christian “Praeco” Linke as he delves into the rugged, raw emotion that helps fuel the conflict in the Freljord. From the nykleharpa to the viola da gamba, Praeco reaches into musical history to capture the unique sounds that breathe life into the harsh, frozen North.
4 years ago

The battle for the Freljord begins

Welcome to the frozen North – a windswept and war-torn region home to some of the most resilient people in all of Runeterra. Here, three great tribes vie for control of their icy homeland. As they prepare for war, something ancient and sinister stirs deep beneath the earth, threatening to corrupt the land itself.
4 years ago