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Forecast Janna

By Ronhald the Red, News Anchor to Lokfar

Riot Games Network (RGN) is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Nightly News team: Forecast Janna. Before receiving her degree in meteorology from the Yordle Academy of Science and progress, Janna double majored in Drama and Earth Science during undergraduate. In addition to forecasting, she enjoys windy walks, ward shopping and helping other champions rack up enormous minion scores. She's also a staunch supporter of animal rights, and works tirelessly in the endless fight for manatee equality. She's a leader in the ongoing crusade to bring the killers of Urf to justice.

"Darkness is still coming."

Since she replaced Nocturne as News Meteorologist last week, weather accuracy has increased over 9000% – primarily due to her ability to predict weather conditions not involving gloom, horror and pain. Her more sunny disposition has also been the subject of many positive viewer remarks

Before stepping down, Nocturne offered these parting words to his loyal fanbase: "Darkness is still coming."


Top lane: Solo with a chance of recall.

Mid lane: Ideal roaming conditions.

Bot lane: Low visibility with intermittent team fights. Remember your Vision Wards!

Over-Extended Weather Report

The jungle: Clear lanes with scattered ganking

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