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Knights will dethrone kings, or die trying.
5 days ago

The Final Stand

They play for glory. They fight for redemption.
6 days ago

Ragnarök finals are live!

Tune in now to watch the live finals of Ragnarök!
6 days ago

Watch the MSI Play-In Draw Show Live

Get a first look at the groups you’ll see competing during the first stage of the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational.
1 week ago

Ragnarök finals today 6pm

Ragnarök finals are here!
1 week ago

Ragnarok Quarters and Semis

Watch the best Nordic teams battle for glory throughout this weekend!
3 weeks ago

Backchat EP6: Limousines and Jacuzzis, ft. Trashy & Sencux

Pira steps into the Splyce penthouse to discuss recent performance, Pro Gamer life and their manager Hans
3 weeks ago

Challenger Series Open Qualifier sign-ups are open!

Are you Diamond 3 but deserve challenjour? Then prove your worth in the CS Open Qualifier tournament.
3 weeks ago

Ragnarök coming soon!

If you're Diamond V + and play on EUW or EUNE then get your team ready as signups will open soon!
1 month ago

Extra tickets released for the 2017 EU Spring Finals

We've released a limited selection of extra tickets for the EU LCS Spring Split finals. Don't miss out!
1 month ago