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Congratulations to the winner of the 2014 World Championship!

After an epic finale, the 2014 World Championship has come to a close. Welcome your 2014 World Champion!
1 month ago

Worlds Rising: Season 2 ushers in the modern era

The Worlds Rising retrospective series continues, as pros reflect on the big changes ushered in by Season 2.
2 months ago

Prepare yourself for the 2014 Worlds Final

Get all of the details on what to expect from the 2014 World Championship, including times to tune-in, show format, and more!
2 months ago

Worlds 2014 Knockout Stage Event Primer

The top eight teams in the world have qualified for the next phase in the League of Legends 2014 World Championship. Where do we go from here? Read on to find out.
2 months ago

Worlds Group Stage

Which teams from group C & D will take the early points in Singapore? Watch now
2 months ago

Breaking down Group C

The Group stage for the 2014 World Championship has been locked in, but who are the teams competing and how will they do against one another? We take a deep-dive into how Fnatic, Samsung Galaxy Blue, LMQ, and OMG may fare against one another.
2 months ago

Warriors - 2014 World Championship

Here we are, don’t turn away now – we are the warriors that built this town.
3 months ago

2014 World Championship: Push for the Cup

Every moment counts in the final push for the cup. World's Group stages begin Sept 18.
3 months ago

Top Players at Worlds – No. 6 and No. 5

Alliance mid laner Froggen and Star Horn Royal Club ADC Uzi take the 6 and 5 slots in our countdown of the best players at Worlds. Find out why, here.
3 months ago

Check out the Worlds 2014 schedule!

The League of Legends 2014 World Championship is just around the corner. Find when you can catch all of the action live, as well as get full details on when we’ll be rebroadcasting the matches and where you can find spoiler-free VODs.
3 months ago