Season 3 Rewards FAQ

  • What are the rewards and how do I get them?

    There are several rewards based on the tier you’re in at the end of Season 3 ranked play.

    Tier Rewards (Based on your Ranked Queue [solo, 3v3, or 5v5] Tier at the end of the season):

    • Achieve Bronze+ in any ranked queue: Summoner Icon
    • Achieve Silver+ in any ranked queue: Profile Banner Trim, Loading Screen Border, Victorious Ward Skin
    • Achieve Gold+ in any ranked queue: Season 3 medal for buddy and team invitations and Victorious Elise skin

    For ranked 5v5 or 3v3 team queues, you’ll earn the rewards based on your team’s ranked tier at the end of the season, but keep in mind that you have to have won at least 10 games with the team to qualify for rewards.

  • So if I join a Gold team with a bunch of games played before I signed on, what happens?

    Provided you and your new team can get 10 additional wins together from the time you join, you'll qualify for Gold tier rewards as long as you stay on that team when end of season rolls out.

  • How do the icons, banner and loading screen trim work if I’m Platinum? Do I earn 4 banner trims?

    The short answer is no. You’ll earn the icon, banner and loading screen trim for the tier you reached. They are different for each tier.

  • When does the season end?

    Season 3 will end on 11/11.

  • When will I get my rewards?

    We will start granting rewards with the patch downtime, although it may take a few days for them to show up for every player.

  • Who will see my loading screen border trim and when will it be displayed?

    The loading screen border trim you earn will display when playing in the ranked game type you earned it in. For other queues: In 5s normal or bot games the highest of your ranked 5s or solo / duo queue will be displayed. In 3s normal and bot games, borders earned from your ranked 3s will be displayed. For ARAM , custom, and dominion games, the highest of any ranked queue will be displayed. So, for example, if you earn Diamond in solo queue and Silver in Twisted Treeline, you will display a Diamond loading border in solo queue and unranked games, but you will display a Silver border in ranked Twisted Treeline.

    Regardless of game mode the border trim will only be displayed to your allies, as we still want to be very careful about influencing perceptions around the fairness of the matchup before the game begins.

  • If I have an honor ribbon and the loading screen trim, will they both be shown?

    Yes, this hasn’t changed and they will both be displayed. The honor ribbon sits on top of the border trim.

  • If I got Gold in Season 2 and didn’t play ranked in Season 3, will I still have the Gold profile banner trim?

    No, the profile banner trim is based on performance in the most recent season.

  • What happens to my Season 2 rewards?

    Your Victorious skins and summoner icons will be retained. The loading screen borders and profile borders will only show the previous season’s results (so it will display season 3). The placement from previous seasons is stored, and we’re working out the best way to display the results from prior seasons, but it won’t be part of this release.

  • If I don't have Elise when I receive the skin, will I also get the champion?


  • Will I get all of the Summoner Icons for tiers under mine? IE: If I get Gold, will I also get Summoner Icons for Silver and Bronze?

    You’ll only get the icon for your current highest tier.

  • If I get 10 wins on a team but get kicked by the leader, do I still get credit?

    Unfortunately, no. You will only get credit for teams you are on at the end of the season. We highly suggest you find trustworthy leaders and teammates! Alternatively, try forming your own ranked team!

  • What if I was in Gold and then degraded to Silver due to inactivity? Will I get rewards for Gold?

    Unfortunately, no. We will be giving out rewards based on the tier you are in at the end of the season, not the highest tier you've reached within the season.