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New free champion rotation: Jinx, Yasuo, Sejuani and more!

Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
4 hours ago

Awaken - Season 2019 Cinematic

A deadly masterpiece unfolds. A lone resistance made whole. A chance to come alive.
10 hours ago

Sweetheart Tibbers XL Plush has arrived!

BEAR HUG! At over 3ft. tall, our new Sweetheart Tibbers XL Plush brings enough sweetness and hugs to last a lifetime.
2 days ago

LEC Official Suppliers for 2019

As we gear up for the 2019 LEC season, we’re excited to unveil two of our official brand partners that we’ll be working with throughout the year on stage and stream.
2 days ago

Learn More: Spring Split Watch Missions

A guide to the rewards available for watching on during the 2019 Spring Split.
3 days ago

What’s New in Ranked 2019

Ranked enters the new season with a few key upgrades. New tiers, new visuals, and new rewards join your pursuit to the top. Here’s everything you need to know.
3 days ago

/dev diary: Position Ranks Explained

Riot Sapmagic and Riot Gortok outline the plan for position ranks in 2019 and answer your questions.
4 days ago

/dev: Position Ranks in Action

We’re back to lay out how position ranks will play out for you this season.
4 days ago