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Star Guardian Jacket Restocked

The Star Guardian Varsity Jacket is back in stock. Grab it before it gets lost in the void.
14 hours ago

Worlds 2019 Primer

Learn more about the 2019 League of Legends World Championship in Europe.
2 days ago

Ask Riot: End of Ranked Season?

Also… TFT match history, ARURF, and manaless champs.
3 days ago

Worlds 2019 Orchestral Theme

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship starts October 2nd.
3 days ago

The snakes fight back

The first season of the LEC has now come to an end as the regional qualifiers have decided Europe’s third and final Worlds representative. Let’s see what happened.
4 days ago

Star Guardian Soraka Figure

"Violence cannot go unanswered." Special Edition Star Guardian Soraka protects the team on their perilous missions from behind the frontlines with her grumpy and overprotective magical medium Shisa.
5 days ago

Join Us Oct. 16th to Celebrate 10 Years of League

This year, we're celebrating the ten year anniversary of League of Legends! Join us on October 16th, 2019 as we kick things off with livestreams and events, including a 10th Anniversary Edition of Riot Pls that starts at 03:00 CEST.
5 days ago

Realms of Runeterra

Explore the realms of Runeterra in Riot’s first collectible narrative companion book.
5 days ago