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New Epic skins: Papercraft Anivia and Nunu

What began as delicate, through many folds, became unbreakable.
1 hour ago

Match of the Week: G2 vs S04, Friday 22th February

Last year, Schalke 04 lost the last round of Regional Qualifiers to G2 Esports, missing Worlds. The rivalry goes farther, with Upset and Perkz eager to settle the score in the bot lane. They meet for the second time this split, and with G2 showing weakness by receiving their first loss last week, this match will be a bloodbath!
3 hours ago

2019 LEC Mid-Split Viewership Update

With the LEC Spring Season approaching the halfway mark, we wanted to take a look at our viewership so far.
3 hours ago

A tale of two teams: Rogue and the Ultraliga connection

Rogue finally have a win with the help two of their Ultraliga players. How did this work out so well?
7 hours ago

Patch 9.4 Notes

Conqueror's updated, Urgot's nerfed, and a bunch of champ abilities and animations look better.
1 day ago

Fnatic w/ Broxah & Bwipo | EUphoria Season 3 Episode 6

Broxah and Bwipo share their thoughts on Fnatic’s recent performances. Timestamps in the YouTube description.
1 day ago

Ashe: Warmother Issue #3

Weak and starving, Ashe finds herself utterly alone – that is, until an unexpected ally bursts into action. But would Ashe have been better off on her own?
1 day ago

G2 vs Schalke 04: How do the two teams matchup?

After finally tasting first defeat, the LEC leaders will be keen to bounce back against their second place rivals. Can they?
1 day ago