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Aphelios Champion Spotlight

The deadliest weapon is faith. With the blessing of his sister Alune, Aphelios uses five moonstone weapons to eliminate the enemies of the Lunari. Master his dynamic arsenal, specialized HUD, and numerous marksman gameplay styles.
1 hour ago

Patch 9.24 notes

Made some changes following Preseason and big updates to Diana, and Aphelios joins the fray.
23 hours ago

Teamfight Tactics patch 9.24 notes

Senna, Lucian and their new Soulbond class headline TFT's latest update.
23 hours ago

TFT Interface Update

What we're changing about Teamfight Tactics' interface and why we're doin' it.
1 day ago

Mecha Kingdoms Skins Teaser

We must rise above the past if we wish to have a future. Mecha Kingdoms launches with five new pilots on January 15, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. PT
1 day ago


DJ Sona pumps out hard hitting beats in her Concussive Mode. She is #08 in the League of Legends FUNKO POP! line. Available for a limited time only.
1 day ago

Holiday Party Merch Collection

DJ Sona is here to kick off the end of the year celebrations with our new holiday party collection featuring a slew of new merch. Her Series 3 Figure line introduction features her with an LED light-up base in her Kinetic Mode as our next XL figure.
1 day ago

Introducing Riot Forge™

We’re a player- and developer-focused publisher; our mission is to bring awesome new League of Legends games to players by partnering with experienced and talented developers from around the world. More details to come December 12.
5 days ago