Most Recent Champion Update News

Champion Roadmap: October 2017

Sparkles, Darkin, birds, and blades.
1 month ago

Ability Update: Xin Zhao

This week’s patch brings significant changes to Xin Zhao’s kit.
1 month ago

Ability Update: Azir

Azir changes coming through the pipeline; check them out!
2 months ago

Urgot Update and Legacy Skin Available Now

He's an unstoppable juggernaut. And yes, his knees are shotguns.
3 months ago

Urgot Gameplay Trailer

He's an unstoppable juggernaut. And yes, his knees are shotguns. Check out the Dreadnought's gameplay trailer.
3 months ago

Champion Roadmap: July 2017

A new Vanguard emerges.
4 months ago

Get Rek’t: Putting the Shark Back into Land Shark

Come behind the scenes with the designer of Rek’Sai’s update
5 months ago

Reworked but not forgotten

As Galio makes his grand return to the Rift, he takes a moment to reflect.
8 months ago

Champion Update: Galio, the Colossus

Looming brazen above Demacia's walls, the colossus stands with silent lips. The elders tell of ages past, when the mighty man stirred to defend the huddled masses. Many doubt these legends. But—like imprisoned lightning—the colossus is waiting. And when he's most needed, he'll stretch his conquering limbs again.
8 months ago

Taming the wolf

Master the updated Warwick with these handy tips! We talked to EU LCS pros and a few Warwick mains to get the advice that will help you ’wick-roll even the toughest opponents. But before we jump into game and start ripping flesh from bone, let’s get our runes and mastery pages prepped for maximum carnage. Follow this guide and you’ll go from dog-like to godlike in no time!
9 months ago