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MCM London Cosplay Showcase

Check out some of the best LoL cosplay in the UK
3 days ago

Trying to get FREE RP? You may lose your account.

Pro-tip: don’t trust messages or links to sites promising to give you free RP! Join RHrealism and Crazy Boris in this important PSA to educate yourself on how to protect your League of Legends account.
4 months ago

Urgot Lives! | League of Legends Community Collab

CrazyBoris returns with an exciting look into playing as Urgot.
4 months ago

Academy Adventures Season 2!

The community comics collaboration is back for another heaping helping of Academy fun!
5 months ago

Summoner's Code Updated

Be Sportsmanlike
6 months ago

Xayah & Rakan Cosplay Showcase

To celebrate the arrival of Xayah and Rakan we created a special video feature with two of Europe’s most talented cosplayers.
6 months ago

Sjokzin' Around: Ice-walking with Jankos

Welcome to the first episode of Sjokzin' Around, a new series where Eefje "Sjokz" Depoortere will meet up with surprise guests to explore the hometown of the EU LCS: Berlin!
8 months ago

Academy Adventures

Gutter Rat brings their hilariously adorable artistry to the Academy universe for a comics collab!
9 months ago

Playmaker: Shield -- Meiko

When it seems victory is slipping away, learn to make the plays to turn the game around in five new videos featuring League of Legends pros from across the globe.
10 months ago

Inside Warwick development

Larry “The Bravo Ray” Ray, Brad “certainlyT” Wenban, and David “Interlocutioner” Slagle share behind-the-scenes stories on the development of Warwick.
10 months ago