Transfers to Turkey Server for 1 RP!

By Riot Emaic

From June 23rd (10:00 CET) to July 23rd (10:00 CET), players from EU West and EU Nordic & East servers* can transfer to Turkey Server only for 1 RP! We’ve already added that 1 RP to accounts who log in to League of Legends from Turkey and play on different servers. This offer is one way only and transfers to Turkey will be available for 1 RP to players who like to do so, under the Account section in the Store.

Anyone that purchased a transfer to TR from June 9 to 23rd will also be refunded the transfer cost. Sending a support ticket won’t be necessary; you will automatically receive your RPs within a month.

*Important Note: Players with VPN or IP altering connection settings who have not received their 1 RP’s should contact Player Support in order to use the transfer. This offer is only valid for transfers from EU West and EU Nordic & East servers. If you’d like to transfer from a different server, please contact Player Support for additional help. 

1 year ago

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