Ask Riot: Summoner spells, 4K support, and Reddit

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This week, we’re talking Reddit, 4K, and summoner spells.

Why does Riot use Reddit more than their official forums?

Given the huge number of League communities out there, our thinking is that Rioters should be free to interact with players wherever they choose to congregate, and wherever the Rioter is most comfortable doing so. The subreddit is a huge community nexus with a couple unique advantages (multi-regional community, high visibility, etc.), and obviously has to be a part of our overall goal of reaching out to you whatever your chosen community. There are absolutely things we can do better on both the Boards AND the subreddit, but we try to address those needs on a channel-by-channel basis rather than with a give-and-take approach.

As an aside - our latest data shows similar numbers for Rioters posting on the NA boards and the League subreddit (~130 Rioters commenting ~1500 times each month). Once you add in the PBE board, other English boards (OCE, EU), not to mention non-English regions (e.g., Brazil) for which the Boards are the primary community forum, Boards are far and away the leading space in which Rioters talk with players.

Ostrichbeernana, Player Relations & ADillonMostDaddy, NA Editorial

Are there any plans to update League of Legends to make it more compatible with 4K resolution?

Priority-wise, there are no plans to do anything about this in the short term. We squash 4K specific bugs from time to time and make quality of life updates when we can, but this is likely the best we can do for the moment. There’s always a give and take with stuff like this -- we’d have to pull people away from a project like Replays or the new client to make a concerted effort on 4K, and as 4K is still a very small percentage of the player base it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do right now.

We’re continuing to think about this space, though, and if 4K continues to gain in popularity, it’s likely we’ll revisit it.

LevelLobster, Engineering Architect

Why aren’t all summoner spells unlocked at level 1?

This is pretty similar to the answer I gave about runes progression several weeks ago.

The original intent was that you’d unlock summoner spells over time for two reasons: 1) as a reward for earning a new level, 2) to keep complexity for new players to a minimum. While I’m not sure either of those reasons is really delivering in spades, I also don’t think there is a ton of harm in restricting level 1 accounts to fewer summoner spells with one exception. That exception is Smite.

I think we actually cause a lot of problems by completely preventing low level accounts from being able to jungle. I realize Smite isn’t the only issue here, but it is an issue. Low level players can’t replicate the way most League players experience Summoner’s Rift with a champion in each lane, someone playing support, and someone playing jungle.

If we really wanted to make the ability to play jungle something you unlock (and I’m not sure there’s a compelling reason to do so) I would want to be more explicit about that rather than just restrict a tool that you kinda, sorta need to be able to jungle effectively.

There are a lot of problems with our low-level experience. Ideally we could clean up summoner spells when we clean up rune progression.

Ghostcrawler, Game Design Director

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