Ragnarok Quarters and Semis

By Riot Daedalus

Only 8 teams remain from the original 64 that signed up for Ragnarök, the battle of the best teams of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden! The competition is really heating up, and it's time to start broadcasting it to the world: tune in during the weekend to watch the quarterfinals and semifinals live, with English commentary!

The quarterfinals will be played on Friday and Saturday, while the semifinals are scheduled for Sunday. The winners of the two semifinals will fly to the Dreamhack studios in Stockholm to fight for the Ragnarök title, the spot at the EU Challenger Series Qualifiers, and the €7000 prize! Since the stakes are so high, all the matches during the weekend are be best-of-3. Join us at twitch.tv/riotgameseu from Friday 15:00 to watch the best teams of the Nordics battle it out live!


With players ranked Diamond 5+ and only the best 8 of the 16 remaining, these matches are sure to be explosive!

Magistra LOL vs Polite and Mature
Friday 15:00

XI-Esport vs Veni Vidi Vicí
Friday 19:00

Sørby éSport vs RiddleEsports
Saturday 13:00

ELOJAIL vs buff Jinx
Saturday 17:00

Semi Final 1
Sunday 13:00

Semi Final 2
Sunday 17:00

Tune in to the games

*all times are Central European Summer Time and are subject to minimal delays (you know how it is...)


The games will be shoutcasted by Henning Eklund and Sangsoo Lee Isacson, who fly all the way to the Dublin Headquarters of Riot Games to commentate on the action live. They will be accompanied by local experts on the analyst desk, such as Daniel Fontos, Rob Price and Tadhg Brennan.

Henning Eklund @henningLoL
Sangsoo Lee Isacson @castersang

On the analyst desk
Dániel Fontos
Rob Price @GosuDreams
Tadhg Brennan @CelticTigerLoL

More info

Ragnarök is the biggest League of Legends championship in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The overall prize pool is €13,000, with €7000 going to the winning team along with a precious spot in the EU Challenger Series Qualifiers. For more information on the tournament, check out our Ragnarok 2017 Microsite.

See you all in front of the screens at twitch.tv/riotgameseu on Friday 15:00. Skål!

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