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Patch 9.12 notes

Mordekaiser rises from the afterworld and Ryze, Sylas, and Yuumi get changes.
5 days ago

Teamfight Tactics

Introducing Teamfight Tactics.
6 days ago

The House Triumphant

The Trials are complete, and we have our winner. See the final standings here.
1 week ago

Trials: Three Days Left

You have three more days to compete.
2 weeks ago

Patch 9.11 notes

Updating Janna, Akali, and Gragas, as well as reverting Zac's ultimate.
2 weeks ago

The Final Week Begins

You have one more week to compete.
2 weeks ago

Trials Standings: Week Two

You have two weeks left to get in the game.
3 weeks ago

Trials Update: Week One

You have three more weeks to get in the game.
1 month ago

Patch 9.10 notes

Yuumi jumps out of the Book and we take a look at Riven, Vayne, and Master Yi.
1 month ago

The Trials Begin

The lines are drawn. Earn progress for your house until June 3, 2019, at 08:59 a.m. CEST.
1 month ago