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Snowdown 2018 Event Trailer

Gather ‘round and hear the story of how Winter Wonder Neeko, Snow Man Yi, Winter Wonder Soraka, and Ice King Mundo saved Snowdown from Ice King Twitch in the Snowdown 2018 event in League of Legends.
1 week ago

Nexus Blitz Primer: Snowdown Edition

Nexus Blitz is back for a second test this Snowdown! Learn all about the mode here.
1 week ago

Patch 8.24 Notes

Our first patch after preseason brings a Curious Chameleon and this year's Snowdown festivities!
1 week ago

Nexus Blitz, Neeko, Snowdown, and All-Star

Learn more about Nexus Blitz, Neeko, Snowdown, K/DA Akali Prestige Edition, and All-Star 2018.
1 week ago

Preseason ranked update for Masters+ players

To properly test Grandmaster in preseason, top-ranked players will be adjusted down to properly promote or demote into new tiers. Read on for the what’s and why’s.
2 weeks ago

Recap of Clash test (EUW & EUNE)

In our efforts to get Clash ready for its 2019 re-launch we’ve been running weekend tests in various regions. With the most recent one coming to EUW and EUNE last weekend (Nov 16-18th), we wanted to give our players here in Europe a recap of the participation levels and technical challenges we encountered.
3 weeks ago

Patch 8.23 notes

Welcome to preseason.
3 weeks ago

We’re making a change to the Honor eligibility for End of Season rewards.

At the start of this year, we changed the policy for end-of-season rewards to be dependent on your Honor level as opposed to just your recent penalties.
1 month ago

The 2018 season is ending

The 2018 season ends November 12 at 23:59 server time. Find out what rewards are on the line!
1 month ago

Patch 8.22 notes

Preseason is soon! But not now. Now is patch 8.22!
1 month ago