2017 ranked season kicks off

By Socrates

The 2017 ranked season has started!

Ranked Queues

This year, climb the ladder in your choice of two competitive ranked queues on Summoner’s Rift: Solo/Duo and Flex. With independent ratings and different skills to master, climb to your peak in both queues to earn additional end-of-season rewards!

With the introduction of Ranked Flex Twisted Treeline, queue up solo or as a group and carve your legacy in the altars of the Shadow Isles.


While the preseason was shorter this year than ever before, your 2017 ranked adventure will begin with a fresh set of ten placement matches in both Solo/Duo and Flex. Your preseason ratings influence where you’ll land, but most of you should expect to start your climb lower than where you finished last season.

Champion Mastery Chests

The start of a new season means a new chance to earn loot. Hit S- or higher on a champ, or queue with someone who does, to unlock a Hextech Chest. As in previous seasons, you can earn one chest per champ until the next reset.


Want to spread the word about your sweet penta? Feel like hitting the lab to analyse your jungle pathing? Just how long was the enemy team camping in the Baron pit? With the client update, you can download your replays in the post-game screen or your match history and clip highlights to share or review.

Flex IP Boost (even for solos!)

We’re going to be launching Ranked Flex with a flat IP boost throughout the first week of the season. You’ll earn +50% extra IP in Ranked Flex between December 7 at 16:00 PST and December 14 at 15:59 PST. Whether you’re a solo warrior, a five-person clown fiesta, or anywhere in between, everyone will avail of the same IP bonus.

Oh, and by the way: due to limitations with the way IP boosts are implemented, it will appear that solo players are not included here, but this is purely a display issue - you’ll still receive the +50% extra IP at the end of the game!


2 years ago