Preseason ranked update for Masters+ players

By Riot SapMagic

Next week we’ll be rolling out Grandmaster (as well as Iron and some in-client design changes) as part of preseason. To kick off Grandmaster and make sure it’s working just right, players above Masters need to drop in order to properly test Grandmaster promotions and demotions. Here’s how it’ll work:

When 8.24 begins:

  • All players currently in Master and Challenger will be moved to Master, 0LP.
  • Grandmaster and Iron will be added.
  • Grandmaster and Challenger will be locked, no one can promote into it.
  • After one week, Grandmaster unlocks and you can promote into it.
  • After two weeks, Challenger unlocks and you can promote into it.
  • This change does not impact underlying MMR at all, so matchmaking will be unaffected.

Preseason is the time of year to build technical confidence in Grandmaster ahead of season start on January 24. So let us know if anything seems amiss!

9 months ago

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