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Nexus Blitz patch notes

We're halfway through the alpha and have a bunch of updates this patch.
3 weeks ago

Play the Nexus Blitz alpha

Dive into map-wide mayhem with an open playtest of League’s first experimental mode.
1 month ago

League Friends - Now with News

The League Friends mobile app has been updated to include the latest League of Legends news.
1 month ago

Ranked rewards require Honor 2

Reminder: this year, your ranked rewards will require a minimum of Honor level 2.
2 months ago

We’ve heard your feedback and we are testing back a 24/7 Normal Draft for EUNE

Today we want to let you know that we’ll be turning on Normal Draft from the morning of 28/06/18, and enabling it for the duration of three weeks. Patch 8.13 will be a slightly longer-than-normal patch cycle, which will help us in gathering more data about how Normal Draft is being used during this trial period.
2 months ago

Ionian Champs on free rotation

From now until April 9 at 08:59 CEST, select Ionian Champs are on free rotation so you can complete The Spirit of Ionia mission, snag the Ionia icon, and restore balance in the wake of the Noxian invasion.
5 months ago

Parties level up!

League with friends just got boosted. Open parties with voice chat is now live!
6 months ago

Account transfers half off for a limited time

Due to extended delays on account transfers, they’ll be available for half the cost for a limited time.
8 months ago

Fight with Honor in 2018

Honor in 2018 delivers new rewards that level up when you do. Your Honor level resets at season start and new checkpoints between levels help track your progress.
8 months ago

Clash Beta - thank you!

Thank you for being one of the first to test Clash. We got a ton of great feedback - here’s what’s next.
9 months ago