Clash Beta launches in Europe

By RiotIamWalrus

Clash Beta maintenance is a wrap. Double check your teams because you may need to recreate them!

On December 12, team creation opens in-client (check the new Competitive tab!) to test League’s new competitive mode for premade teams - Clash. We’re going to run this technical beta in Europe over the next few days, and we need your feedback.

Here’s the schedule:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Date Friday, December 15, 2017 Saturday, December 16, 2017 Sunday, December 17, 2017
Lock-In phase 19:00 CET 19:00 CET 19:00 CET
Games begin 19:30 CET 19:30 CET 19:30 CET

To learn more about the features and philosophy of Clash, head on over to Nexus. You can find the most important stuff to know about the beta test right here, and a full FAQ about how a Clash tournament actually works below.

See you on the Rift!

Important stuff

  1. This is a technical beta. Clash is still being developed, but we want your feedback early. Beta testers will be able to give us opinions while they play, and afterwards you’ll receive a survey to give us even more feedback.
  2. We’ve set up a special Discord server. You can give feedback, report bugs, and find teams. Come hang out with us here:
  3. You need to lock in up to 30 minutes before matches begin each day. We’re calling this out specifically because if even one of your teammates misses it, you won’t get to play. Get situated and ready to play early!
  4. Each tournament is matchmade by tier. Skill level is factored in and balanced so that no matter your rank, you’ve got a shot at victory.
  5. If you win both matches on Friday, you’ll go through to Saturday’s games. Clash is a multi-day tournament - keep on winning, and you’ll get a chance at the best rewards on Sunday.
  6. Losing is not the end of your tournament run. If you lose out on Friday (or just can’t play) you can enter into a fresh new bracket on Saturday OR Sunday.
  7. Each day has a consolation bracket for the losers of the first match. Yeah, you lost your first match. But it’s not all bad - you can keep playing for more prizes even if you didn’t make it through to the next day. Basically, everyone gets to play two games no matter what!
  8. There’s a new Ticket system we’re testing. You’ll need one to enter, but entering more tickets = more prizes. You can also enter for your friends! Check out the Nexus article for more on why we’re using Tickets, and the FAQ below for more on how Tickets and prizing work. You can get Tickets to enter by:
    1. Winning 2 games of Ranked Flex (it’ll be a mission in your tracker)
    2. Purchasing them for 1950 BE (discounted price for the Beta test)
    3. Purchasing them for 275 RP

Entry Requirements

What are the requirements to play in a Clash tournament?

  • You’re level 30+
  • You’ve completed ranked placement matches for at least one ranked queue
  • You’re at least Honor level 2

Schedule and Structure

Registration begins on December 12, 2017 for EU & TR players. Teams can continue to be assembled until games begin on each day.

Date Friday, December 15, 2017 Saturday, December 16, 2017 Sunday, December 17, 2017
Lock-In phase 19:00 CET 19:00 CET 19:00 CET
Games begin 19:30 CET 19:30 CET 19:30 CET

When do I have to show up to each tournament?

Everyone on your team must show up during the 30-minute Lock-in Phase before the first match starts. If your team doesn’t have enough players locked in by the start time above, your tickets will be returned to you and you won’t enter into the brackets - so lock in early!

How is a Clash tournament structured?

A Clash tournament is a series of single-elimination brackets over three days.

You’ll fight against teams of your skill level. If your team wins, you’ll advance to the next, bigger bracket, increase your reward pool, and remain in the running for the best prizes awarded to undefeated teams at the end of the tournament.

There is a consolation bracket for teams that lose in the first round of each day, and those teams can continue playing for more rewards, but won’t qualify for the next day’s play.

If your team is eliminated, you’ll receive your rewards and drop out of the main tournament, but you can re-enter the next day to play in a new bracket with its own rewards. New teams that didn’t play on the previous day can join in a new bracket as well.

Note: In rare occasions, there will be bye rounds (automatic advancement when playing with an odd number of teams). You don’t need to do anything in this case - just enjoy the free win!

Why three days?

Clash aims to strike a balance between an epic event that happens for a limited time and a regular, ongoing competition. Three days allows you the opportunity to jump in when you have the time, but also make playing all three days worth it.

Do I have to play all three days?

Nope. Teams can participate in one, two, or three days of the tournament. If you want a chance at the best rewards, you’ve gotta play all three days and win a full 16-team bracket (a total of six to nine matches).

Note: Once your team locks in for the first time, you will play any subsequent days with the same team - no swapping out members (unless they’re substitutes). Any no-shows from those teammates will result in automatic elimination.

Team Creation

Can I switch out my team during the weekend?

When you’re locked in, you will be with that team for the rest of the weekend, win or lose. For emergency situations, you can substitute players if they are in or below your Skill Tier.

How does substituting players work?

When you lock in a team for the first match of each bracket, you’ve confirmed the roster of players competing for that tournament. However, if one of those players becomes unavailable for the next bracket, you can substitute them out.

You can only sub out one player at a time, and only once per bracket, and then that sub must play all the matches in that bracket. They also have to be within (or below) your team’s Skill Tier.

How do I unlock the team logo chromas?

The more people on your team that own the same logo, the more chromas you’ll have to choose from as a team captain. The full functionality for this won’t be in this beta test, but we wanted to give you a quick preview of what’s to come, and you’ll keep any logos you earn through the weekend.


How do I get rewards?

Everyone who participates will earn Clash Capsules whether they win or lose. These are individual, so your teammates may receive different things in their Capsules. Capsules scale according to your team’s performance and the number of Capsules is equivalent to the Tickets you’ve entered. In each capsule, you are guaranteed:

  • A 3-win XP boost
  • Standard loot items (champ shards, champion skin shards, ward skin shards) which get better as your team progresses through brackets
And for each entry, you're guaranteed a new Clash logo for the next time around.

Each of these are multiplied by the amount of tickets you enter.

Each win earns you 200 Victory Points (VP) with bonus VP on the first match win for higher Skill Tiers. At the end of each day’s bracket, you’ll be awarded prizes based on your total VP for the weekend.

All VP earned during the beta test will be removed after the tournament has concluded.

When do I get my rewards?

If you lose your bracket, your Capsule and any prizes are immediately awarded. If you win your bracket, your Capsule is upgraded and carried over to the next day. If your team goes undefeated all three days and wins the tournament, your supremely-upgraded Clash Capsule awards the best possible prizes.

I won a bracket! What do I get?

During the Clash Beta this weekend, all players who win a 4, 8, or 16-team bracket will earn an exclusive summoner icon.

How do tickets affect rewards?

The number of tickets you enter directly increases the number of Capsules you earn, regardless of your performance.

In short: the more tickets you enter, the more capsules you’ll earn, and the more matches you win, the better the rewards in your capsules. This is an individual entry, so your prizes will scale based on your Ticket input, not your team’s.

How many tickets can I get?

Winning two games of Ranked Flex will net you a Ticket for entry into Clash, but if you’re looking for even higher stakes, you can purchase them for Blue Essence or RP.

During the beta, you’ll be able to grab Tickets via the Box of Tickets in the store. You only need one to enter, but you’ll be able to buy a maximum of five per day. You can only use up to five Tickets for each entry.

Skill Tiers

What are the Skill Tiers? How did I get placed?


Because Clash allows players to form teams with a wider range of skill than Ranked, matchmaking works a little differently:

Every player has a hidden Clash MMR, which is based off your Ranked play and some back-end secret sauce. Teams are placed in a Matchmaking Tier based on that MMR, and your tournament bracket will only have other teams from your Matchmaking Tier.

Can I invite any person onto my team?

Yup, providing they meet the entry criteria above! Remember that the wider the skill gap between teammates, the more matchmaking will have to compensate (read: lower-skilled players will be in for a challenge).

Why did my Tier change before my team finished locking in?

As players are added to your team, Clash reassesses your Skill Tier to ensure you are put into a competitive bracket.

More questions?

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