Hextech Crafting is now live in EUNE!

By Riot Mirross

Hextech crafting and loot are now live in EUNE! We’re introducing the new system to reward you with loot-filled chests through Champion Mastery when you or your premade perform well and also provide a way to pick up randomized content at large discounts.

Craft, earn, or purchase content like champions, skins, ward skins and summoner icons in new loot chests you earn by performing well across a variety of champions or as part of a premade. When you or someone in your premade party earns any S rank, you’ll acquire a chest. You can earn up to four chests each month, and each champion you play can earn you one chest per season.

Each time you win any matchmade game, there’s a chance you’ll earn a key and winning with friends increases the chance of a key drop. Generally, you can expect to earn a few keys each month.

For those who just want to pick up content at a significant discount, we’re offering chests and keys individually in the store. All chests contain random loot worth more than the cost of the chest (well, depending on how you feel about Teemo) so you can purchase with the confidence of knowing you’re getting a good deal (but a direct purchase from the store will still be the best way to pick up specific items).

We’ve been testing Hextech Crafting and loot for over a month, and we’re excited to bring the system live around the world. We’ll be rolling out Hextech Crafting to each region throughout the next few weeks, starting with NA (Turkey has already been live for the beta test). While this is the official launch, as with any part of League, Hextech Crafting and loot will continue to evolve (including tuning drop rates and the loot mix of each chest).

One important note: if you use Hextech Crafting or loot, anything you unlock (shards, essence, even permanent content that you craft) using the new system WILL NOT transfer with you if you leave the server. We’re planning to remove this restriction once all regions have Hextech Crafting.

When Hextech Crafting and loot launch on your server, all players will receive a special First Day chest, which includes a skin shard for a champ you own, a ward skin shard, and enough essence to permanently unlock one of them. Trying to explain Hextech Crafting and Loot can be kinda tricky, so visit the 2016 Season Update or check out the FAQ below if you still have questions. GLHF and we’ll see you on the Rift!


  • What happens if I get a skin for a champion that I don’t own?

    If you’re not interested in unlocking that champ, you can re-roll a skin shard with two others for a guaranteed permanent skin or you can disenchant the skin shard and use the new essence to craft something that better fits your playstyle (permanent loot disenchants into more essence than shards).

  • Do chests include stuff I already have?

    Yes. Chests are random, and contain loot that might be duplicates of content you’ve already picked up. You’re not stuck with it, though. At launch, you can re-roll or disenchant extra shards, and we’re investigating ways for folks who have every champion to find a use for champ shards they pick up. When you re-roll, you’re guaranteed not to receive a duplicate.

  • Can I earn chests or keys with champs from the free rotation?

    Champion Mastery is about expressing depth with champions you play as part of your champ roster. If you want to earn chests or keys with a champ on free rotation, you’ll need to unlock them and add them to your collection.

  • What’s the difference between the two essences?

    Blue essence is currently used to upgrade champion shards into a permanent addition to your champ roster. Orange essence upgrades everything else in the crafting system from skin shards to ward skins.

  • What are gemstones and what do they have to do with Hextech Annie?

    Gemstones are very rare crafting materials that you can use to forge a chest and key combo that might drop an additional gemstone! You can combine 10 gemstones to forge Hextech Annie, a skin exclusive to Hextech Crafting, now available as part of loot.

    Although these are not available at launch, we will introduce special premium chest bundles which guarantee a gemstone drop. Premium chests will only be available at limited times, may have different content inside compared to normal chests.

  • I own all of the champions. What can I do with champion shards?

    At launch, you’ll be able to disenchant extra shards you find in chests for champion essence. We’re currently exploring ways for players with every champ to use the shards they earn but we haven’t settled on the final form of the plan yet. As Hextech Crafting and loot continue to evolve throughout the season, we’ll keep you posted on any new features we add.

  • Can I still earn Champion Mastery chests when my account is restricted for unsportsmanlike behavior?

    No. Players who are chat or ranked restricted or currently banned from play cannot earn or unlock chests through Champion Mastery. We want to be sure players punished by our systems are making genuine efforts to reform, so the period of ineligibility can extend beyond the duration of the chat restrictions or suspensions received. If they make significant progress, the rewards will start to appear after games once more.

  • What do you mean, content I craft using the new system will not transfer between servers?

    Because Hextech Crafting is a new system that isn’t available on every server, crafting material (anything used at the crafting table, like shards or essence) DOES NOT transfer should you choose to leave the server you’re currently using Hextech Crafting on. If you earn or craft permanent content, you can redeem it to add it to your collection (which WILL transfer), but if you leave it unredeemed, it would not follow you. Once crafting and loot is live in all regions, we expect to lift this restriction.

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