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Greetings Players,

Some time ago we expressed our need to find a new home for the EUNE platform services. This includes login, personal stats and settings, matchmaking, champion selection, store, chat, etc - pretty much everything outside of the actual game. In the announcement released back then, we clarified that the EUNE platform is still partially located in the same North American data center where we initially launched it back in 2010. Lots of things have happened since then, new technologies have been created, older solutions were sunset, and many seasons of League have been played. It took us a while to finalize the blueprint, but we’re ready to confirm that the EUNE platform migration to Europe will be completed this month!

If everything goes according to schedule we plan to launch the new EUNE platform in a week, on the 18th of August.

What does it mean for an EUNE player? First of all, all services will be re-created from scratch using our most up-to-date standards. EUNE’s blueprint inherits a lot from the EUW one used for the Amsterdam launch in 2014, but also adds some new fancy solutions we’ve been working on since then. This altogether will ensure higher stability, enhanced scalability, better redundancy and improved security.

The EUNE platform will be located in Frankfurt, Germany, which is where the game servers are currently hosted from. This is much closer to the playerbase and as such should significantly decrease the latency of all the platform services. You should notice better responsiveness of platform calls, and this can translate to a smoother experience in champ select, chat, store, login, and all the other services that are in use outside of the game itself.

Most importantly though, we’re getting rid of the long transatlantic line connecting our existing platform with the game servers. EUNE has recently been impacted by a number of serious incidents, and most of them were due to this fragile and non-redundant connection. We were prone to the recurring issues affecting our IP transit partners and in turn we were impacted by their maintenances and external attacks that didn’t even target League of Legends services directly. Now all the servers will be super close to each other and this completely removes that third party dependency.

Finally, up until now, EUNE platform was deployed at the data center that shares infrastructure with various other League of Legends environments. We were constantly removing these dependencies, but there were some incidents affecting the European playerbase that were triggered by the problems with our NA shard. EUNE’s new home will be free of any of these older connections, and this isolation is what we’re always aiming for to get you the smoothest experience.

It’s important to understand that this change has nothing to do with your in-game latency. But, there is also another great piece of news we have to share today. Simultaneously with the platform migration we’re working on the Riot backbone extension to Central and Eastern Europe. New Points of Presence centres will be located in Poland, Bulgaria and Turkey, which ensures that the entire region benefits from the European backbone of Riot Direct. We’re currently working on all three new locations and this cool project definitely deserves a separate devblog entry, so expect some more news about it in the upcoming weeks.

That’s it for now, we will keep you updated about our platform launch date and the expected maintenance downtime.

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