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Introducing “Eat like a pro”

Watch LEC pros prepare a typical dish from their region and get to know them better with Quickshot and Romain.
6 days ago

PROJECT: Irelia Unlocked

PROJECT: Irelia introduces our 2019 PROJECT collection as our first Special Edition Unlocked Statue
1 week ago

PROJECT: Laptop Backpack

To survive in the dystopian world of Piltover and Zaun, you must be well equipped to face any challenge. The PROJECT: Laptop Backpack fits most 15" - 17" laptops and prepares you for the future.
1 week ago

Pantheon Short Story: For Those Who Have Fallen

Read Pantheon’s short story on Universe.
1 week ago

#LEC Lounge with Sjokz - Ep.3 Deficio

Sjokz and Deficio take the time to open up about the hardships of being On Air talent in Europe before it was cool, strives and efforts they put into reaching the level they are at now, career and life choices, being the target of endless criticism and leveling up your analysis, without forgetting some funny stories that give a glimpse into the behind the scenes of EU production across time. Not least, Deficio opens up about why he decided to give up casting to pursue a career with Origen - and what new challenges this choice brings.
1 week ago

Sword vs Shield #LEC Match of the Week | SPY vs FNC - Fri 16 AUG

Fnatic pushed Splyce out of playoffs in spring, but since then, Splyce has risen as the scary, relentless Dark Horse of the LEC. Splyce will have to fight not only against the Fnatic players, but against their legacy of titles and against the thundering chants of their fans. This will be a merciless test to see who deserves the Nr. 2 spot in the LEC, and the momentum gained by either of these teams will echo forward into Athens. A truly epic match, the last Match of the Week in the most exciting European split - you cannot miss it!
1 week ago

Pringles partners with the LEC Summer Finals

To celebrate the culmination of the first LEC season, Pringles will be giving away two exclusive Legacy skins every day.
1 week ago

Play Jinx like Crownshot

SK Gaming’s botlaner gives us some insight on the best ways to play Jinx to help push your way up the ladder.
1 week ago