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u/Elodere teaches CS-ing

Learn how to CS better, when to back and how to manage your waves from aspiring League coach u/Elodere
3 days ago

Level Up: The Importance of Lane Priority

Welcome to Level Up! The show where you can learn how to apply the strategies League Pros use to your own games. In this episode, learn about lane priority, what it is, why it’s important and how to utilise it.
3 days ago

Five picks that marked the LEC’s fifth week

Week 5 of the LEC might have unleashed insanity upon solo queue for good reason: some of the most unique picks have made their appearance upon Summoners’ Rift in victorious showings.
3 days ago

Ending Support for macOS 10.8.5 and 10.9

On February 28, League will stop supporting macOS 10.8.5 and 10.9 versions.
3 days ago

New name, new atmosphere: making magic in the lec studio

The LEC has a brand new stage and a new-look studio, but what goes into building a new attitude to go with it?
5 days ago

How the LEC was built

European Esports has a new look and feel. Learn about the rebuilding of the Studio after EULCS changed to LEC.
5 days ago

LEC Match of the Day; Vitality vs Schalke Saturday 16th February

Upset vs Atilla is a grudge match that began in 2017 when they met in Challenger series. They were both promoted together and Upset is disparaging of his fellow ADC whilst Atilla just wants to prove who is the better of the two once and for all. Join us on Saturday for what promises to be a spicy match!
5 days ago

Get tickets for the Rotterdam LEC Spring Finals

The League of Legends European Championship Spring Finals are coming to Rotterdam this April. Find out how to get your tickets so you can catch the action live!
6 days ago