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Teamfight Tactics patch 9.23 notes

Rise of the Elements ranked season kicks off!
3 weeks ago

Patch 9.23 notes

Preseason is here and the Rift will never be the same!
3 weeks ago

True Damage "Giants" Pendant

New True Damage "Giants" Pendant featuring chain, pendant, and blue Swarovski zircon crystal.
3 weeks ago

Introducing the brand new Dutch and Belgian leagues

Competitive play in the Benelux region just got even better. Here’s what’s happening.
3 weeks ago

True Damage Team Minis Set

True Damage was put together to destroy all genre-defining music boundaries. Ekko, Akali, Qiyanna, Senna, and Yasuo come together to take over the scene. Pre-Order now.
3 weeks ago

GIANTS & POP/STARS: Making Music with Sound Design

A behind-the-scenes look at how we designed sound effects for the K/DA and True Damage skins.
3 weeks ago

Five standout players at Worlds 2019

Who were the players at this year’s World Championship that we’ll be seeing a lot more of next season and beyond?
3 weeks ago

True Damage Akali Figure

Coming from her rise to fame from K/DA, Akali is here to bring together her new hip-hop group True Damage to the stage. This Special Edition figure is #18 in the Series 3 figure line and kicks off our True Damage merch collection.
4 weeks ago