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TFT Update: Hextech Heroics

A new trait levels the playing field.
1 week ago

TFT Beta Pass V.2 Coming Soon!

Earn icons, emotes, arena chromas, and more.
1 week ago

/dev: Exploring Eternals

The design philosophy and goals of Leagues' latest feature, Eternals.
1 week ago

LEC Playbook - G2 Esports vs Fnatic

Welcome to the LEC Playbook. Today we’re having a look at how G2 Esports defeated Fnatic in Week 7 of the LEC Summer Split, creating gold leads with smart map movements that lead to a 24 minute win!
1 week ago

Initiating. . .PROJECT: Team Minis Set 2

PROJECT: Vi, Leona, Vayne, Ekko, and Fiora have arrived on the lit up streets of Piltover and Zaun as set #06 in the Team Minis line.
1 week ago

LEC Mic Check: Week 8

Caps dabbing, Soraka top lane, Garen bot lane and more! Brought to you by this week's #LEC Mic Check!
1 week ago

Week 8’s top five picks

These five players stepped up their game to bring victory for their teams.
1 week ago

How to tower dive like an LEC pro

LEC pros break down how to pull off a successful tower dive in solo queue. Tower diving has always been an important and powerful tool for pro players, and with this guide, you’ll be able to take that with you to solo queue, too.
2 weeks ago