The 2015 ranked season draws to a close

Over the course of the season, you felt both sides of a stolen Baron. You carried hard and took the occasional ride in a teammate’s backpack. The struggle is real, but victory is sweet. Now it’s time for one last push.

Ranked rewards return with Victorious Sivir, new division markers atop loading screen borders, and an evolving ward skin for ranked teams. Make your mark and be Victorious before November 11.

Ranked Tier Rewards



Summoner Icon


Summoner Icon

Banner Trim

Loading screen border (with new division markers)


Summoner Icon

Banner Trim

Loading screen border (with new division markers)

Invite and friend request flair

Victorious Sivir (and Sivir if unowned)

Ranked rewards based on your end of season ranking, not peak ranking.

Team Rewards

A new evolving ward skin unlocks exclusively for those who hit their squad goals and rack up wins as part of a ranked team.

How to earn points

  • 1 point for a ranked team win on the Twisted Treeline
  • 3 points for a ranked team win on Summoner’s Rift

Keep in mind, you play in the win to earn the point(s)—just being on the roster won’t score you anything.


Ranked team rewards

  • When does the season end?

    The 2015 season wraps up at the end of day (in your territory) on November 10—technically this means 12:01AM on November 11.

  • When do rewards hit my account?

    Rewards will arrive by end of day on November 17.

  • I don’t own Sivir, can I still use the skin? ;-;

    If you’re Gold+ and don’t own Sivir, the champion will be unlocked alongside your new skin.

  • Are ranked borders queue specific?


  • Can I use my borders from previous seasons?

    Nope. Borders reflect your most recent seasonal ranking.

  • Will I still decay in the pre-season?

    You won’t! We’ll disable decay alongside the season’s end. We’ll turn it back on once the 2016 season begins!

  • Are there any eligibility requirements for these rewards outside of ranked results?

    Yes, some players are ineligible for rewards because of negative in-game behavior. This applies only to the 2015 season. Here are the details:

    • Players with bans or chat/ranked restrictions active when the season ends are ineligible for this year’s rewards
    • Players banned for seven days or more in the three months prior to the end of the season (August 10) are ineligible for this year’s rewards.
    • Players banned for boosting during the 2015 season remain ineligible for rewards
    • Players who experienced fraud-related and erroneous bans will still be eligible

    All players will have another chance at future ranked season rewards.

  • Do wins from different teams count towards my point total?

    Yep! As long as you participated in the win, you’ll earn the point(s).

  • I transferred servers, do I keep the points I earned on my old server?

    No, that data is lost in the transfer. Sorry :(

  • Do my ranked team’s placement wins count toward my point total?

    They sure do!