Akali's New Clothing Line

Akali's new clothing line drops soon. Don't miss out. Buy the exclusive launch piece - available only for a limited time. Full collection dropping December 4th, 2019.
6 days ago

Zed Comic Series Preview

The Zed comic series is right around the corner with issue 1 releasing November 20, 2019!
1 week ago

K/DA Akali is Unlocked

You ready for this? K/DA Akali takes it to the top of the Unlocked statue line as #009. This Special Edition includes a blacklight that shows off Akali's neon accents when used with the statue. Also features removable mask.
2 months ago

K/DA Akali Mask (It's Back!)

K/DA Akali's glow-in-the-dark mask is back for an encore performance. One size fits most.
9 months ago

K/DA Akali Snapback

Slash through every other hat in your wardrobe because this is the only one you need. Stay fierce with K/DA Akali's snapback.
9 months ago

Akali available now!

Sometimes balance needs a shove. Make your move—Akali, the Rogue Assassin, is available now.
1 year ago

Akali Champion Spotlight

Skill is the sharpest weapon. See how the Rogue Assassin makes every move their last.
1 year ago

New Story: Akali

Get a tattoo, take out a traitor. All in a night’s work for the Rogue Assassin.
1 year ago

New Bio: Akali

The Kinkou Order teaches balance in all things. Sometimes balance needs a shove.
1 year ago

Champion Update: Akali, the Rogue Assassin

When Akali walked away from the Kinkou Order, she defined her fighting style beyond Shen's teachings. No longer one to cut enemies down in a burst of up-close kama flourishes, Ionia's Rogue Assassin employs hit-and-run tactics: constantly shifting position as she strikes, steps back into stealth, then strikes again.
1 year ago