Get your All-Star 2017 Summoner Icon

Show your regional pride for the upcoming All-Star dream team competition by purchasing an All-Star summoner icon for 10 BE in the store.
2 weeks ago

Event Trailer: Tales from the Rift 2017

Things are getting ghastly from 26/10/17–2/11/17. Learn more about this year’s Tales from the Rift event, including phantasmic skins, spooky emotes, two new missions and rewards, and more.
1 month ago

Learn more: Tales from the Rift - Death Sworn

Death will not let them rest. Watch the event trailer to learn about this year’s Tales from the Rift event. You can complete missions to earn the Death Sworn Icon and Ward Skin Shard, play the returning Doom Bots of Doom game mode, and more from 10/26/17 – 2/11/17.
1 month ago

New Epic skin: Arclight Yorick

He only wished to protect what he cherished from the darkness. But in accepting the Arclight Order’s call, he made a sacrifice greater than death.
2 months ago

Rewards for old Honor are out

We’ve given out summoner icons to celebrate the most honorable players before the update
3 months ago

Arcade 2017 Overview

Villains rule. Learn more about the newest Arcade skins, bundles, and mission rewards.
4 months ago

Rift Rivals Hits the Rift

Show your support for the upcoming regional grudge matches by purchasing a Rift Rivals icon for 1 IP in the store and take home an exclusive icon if your region wins.
5 months ago

Esports: Return of the Team Icons

Let’s rally together to support your favorite teams or pros with esports team icons.
6 months ago

Rare icons available for a limited time

Mystery Icon Gifting (& Self-Gifting), Frog & Duck, Bardnik, and more regional icons will journey to the store from18/5/17 until 2/6/17.
7 months ago

And the winner of the MSI 2017 Fandom Battle is...

One region's fandom has set them apart from the rest of the world. Congratulations CBLOL!
7 months ago