Zed Comic Series Preview

The Zed comic series is right around the corner with issue 1 releasing November 20, 2019!
1 week ago

Limited Edition PROJECT: Jhin Team Mini

Limited Edition PROJECT: Jhin is a killer-for-hire who takes tech from his victims and upgrades himself as he executes his contracts.
8 months ago

"I Keep it Taco" counts to FOUR!

"I Keep it Taco", a Master-tier Jhin main, went all-out with a superbly in-depth Jhin guide on the /r/summonerschool subreddit. Check it out!
1 year ago

Welcome to the Jungle - Merch Event

Welcome to the Jungle. The biggest Merch sale of the year plus the launch of new limited edition product, figures, tees and plush. Follow Rengar as he navigates the jungle for this special event.
1 year ago

/dev: On 2016’s New Champs

Six new champions hit the Rift last year. What went right, what went wrong, and what did we learn?
2 years ago

Jhin Q&A 2.2

We’ve spotted some time for Jhin’s creators to reveal themselves and answer your questions! Head over to the boards for their Q&A at 11am PST on 2/2 for all the gory details and dramatic flourishes behind the Virtuoso’s creation.
3 years ago

Jhin, the Virtuoso, available now

It’s time to get your snipe on.
3 years ago

Jhin Champion Spotlight

Welcome to the Jhin Champion Spotlight.
3 years ago

Champion Bio: Jhin, the Virtuoso

“Art requires a certain…cruelty.”
3 years ago

Champion Insights: Jhin

We started with a blank page, and ended with a killer. Here are the steps in between.
3 years ago