Fun Where They Run: Creating Zaun in a CG

A behind-the-scenes look at how we created Zaun in Warwick’s Champion Teaser.
9 months ago

Taming the wolf

Master the updated Warwick with these handy tips! We talked to EU LCS pros and a few Warwick mains to get the advice that will help you ’wick-roll even the toughest opponents. But before we jump into game and start ripping flesh from bone, let’s get our runes and mastery pages prepped for maximum carnage. Follow this guide and you’ll go from dog-like to godlike in no time!
10 months ago

Engineering the Nightmare

“Only a disciplined eye could recognize the beast within, yearning for release. How could I refuse?”
10 months ago

Ask Riot: Janna mid and Warwick skins

Personal bodyguards, off-role picks, and Warwick’s skin vault.
10 months ago

Warwick Update Now Live

The wolfman just got a hell of a lot scarier. Warwick's update is now live.
10 months ago

Inside Warwick development

Larry “The Bravo Ray” Ray, Brad “certainlyT” Wenban, and David “Interlocutioner” Slagle share behind-the-scenes stories on the development of Warwick.
10 months ago

The scent calls. The hunger compels.

Alchemical abominations are nothing new to Zaun, but Warwick is a breed of his own. New story on Universe!
11 months ago

Champion Update: Warwick

With feet pounding Zaun’s stone streets, Warwick’s prey flees in desperation. The scent of blood hangs in the air, guiding the beast to his quarry. All efforts to escape are in vain. In a flash of gore-soaked fur, Warwick strikes—and his target is dead in an instant. One vermin down, many more to go.
11 months ago

Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun | Champion Teaser

In Zaun’s Gray-filled streets, the criminal underworld is hunted by an engineered beast.
11 months ago

Wardens against Marauders in neverending battle

One side razes everything just for fun. The other side obliterates entire nations to uphold the law. Unfortunately, there’s no third side.
2 years ago