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Group Eliminations

Only eight teams can leave groups and move on to the Quarterfinals. Whose Worlds dreams are being kept alive? Find out with Flashback.
4 hours ago

Knockout Stage Pick’em now live!

Head over to now and build your bracket for the Knockout Stage.
1 day ago

Worlds 2017 Wallpapers

Looking to put a piece of Worlds 2017 on your desktop or mobile? We've got you covered.
3 days ago

Vote on which charity wins 50% of the charity fund

We’re matching 25% of your Championship Ashe and 2017 Championship Ward purchases in a charity fund. Now you can vote on which charity receives 50% of the fund under the “Vote for Charity” tab in-client.
5 days ago

Eyes on Worlds: Episode 1

EDG and RNG battle for China’s 1st seed at Worlds in the LPL Summer Finals.
1 week ago

Top plays from Worlds Play-In

Check out the top 5 plays from the Play-In Stage of the 2017 World Championship in this week's episode of The Penta.
1 week ago

Lock your Group Stage picks

Group Stage brackets close when the stage begins! Lock your picks now at
1 week ago

Dream Teams Assemble: 2017 All-Star Event Update

Ever wanted to see top players from leagues around the world battle it out in the ultimate dream team tournament? This December, the All-Star Event is back - and more competitive than ever.
1 week ago

Group Stage Pick’em now live

Worlds Pick’em is up and running for 2017! Head over to now and build your bracket for the Group Stage.
2 weeks ago

Conqueror Karma is Back for Worlds 2017

Conqueror Karma will be back in the store from now until the end of Worlds 2017.
2 weeks ago